Friday, January 15, 2016

Passing the baton

After almost ten years of keeping up this blog -- sometimes obsessively, but alas often desultorily -- I'm delighted to hand it over to fellow Shaksbir-ologist David Moberly of the University of Minnesota.
Trained as a bona fide early modernist ("Turk" dramas, captivity narratives), David has more recently turned to modern Arabic adaptations of Shakespeare (1927-present). He has already been running a fantastic Facebook feed of Shakes-related Arabic news and cultural production, and he has contributed some fun movie notes to the Global Shakespeare online archive. We haven't met in person, but hopefully that will happen at the Arab/ic panel at the World Shakespeare Congress in London this coming August 5, 1:30-3pm.

Over to you, David -- مع ألف سلامة!

--Margaret Litvin

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