Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spacey's Richard III to come to the Gulf

Ok, but this is interesting.  From an interview with "UAE-born social entrepreneur Badr Jafar" on the occasion of the release of the charity single song "Bokra" (Tomorrow), produced with Quincy Jones:
I also feel that we need to further develop theater in the Middle East, which is why I recently launched the Middle East Theater Academy with famous actor Kevin Spacey who has dedicated a lot of his life to working with children and nurturing their creative talents with theater. We already conducted a number of workshops in the UAE and Qatar and will bring the first major production of Shakespeare’s Richard III to the Gulf later this year, with Kevin Spacey himself playing Richard III.
Presumably (and accurately) this puts Sulayman Al-Bassam's RIII in the category of "minor production."  Still, if someone is on site, it would be interesting to compare the UAE reception of the two shows.

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